Fire Arm Services

We offer a variety of fire arm related services:

Basic Reloading Course

This course if for the beginner where we teach you the basics of safe ammunition reloading for you fire arm. Topics cover in this course:

    • Case selection
    • Case cleaning and preparation
    • Case trimming
    • Outside neck turning
    • Setting up of reloading dies
    • Neck- and full length sizing
    • Bullet seating

Rifle Load Development

This is a more in depth course on the precision loading for your fire arm where we get the correct load for your specific rifle.

Rifle Cleaning and Setup

Here we take a look at the correct mounting of you telescope and the correct methods of cleaning your rifle.

Air Rifle & Rimfire Shooting Training

We offer this service to new comers to the air rifle and rimfire benchrest shooting discipline. Here we offer are:

    • Selection of correct rifle and equipment
    • Correct setup of bench and rifle
    • Setup of wind flags
    • Breathing and trigger control techniques
    • Learning the fundamentals of reading the wind

Fire Arm Motivations

We write a professional motivation for your next fire arm license application.

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